Event Time and Date

Saturday, February 11 2017, 10:00 PM to Saturday, April 29 2017, 12:00 AM

Midnight Philosophy Spring 2017 Events and Budget Proposal


Event Schedule

02/11/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Skepticism and Science

02/18/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Justice and Heroism

02/25/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Leadership

03/04/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Tribalism and Phobia

03/09/17: Midday Philosophy Presents: Religion vs. Secularism in Government

03/25/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Justice and Law

04/01/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Truth/Knowledge

04/08/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Free Will/Determinism

04/15/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Purpose and Meaning

04/29/17: Midnight Philosophy Presents: Identity and Virtual Reality

(Note: topics subject to change.)


Budget Proposal

The leaders of Midnight Philosophy estimate the following costs for the events of the Spring 2017 semester:


For six (6) Midnight events at the COOP, we request funding for Slices:


  • 2 large cheese pizzas ($24) + 1 large pepperoni pizza ($13) + 2 dozen wings ($14) + 10 sodas ($10) = $61 per event
  • Subtotal = $366


For our one (1) Midday event, we request funding for Hamilton Eatery:


  • Finger sandwich platter ($39) + Penne pasta salad ($5) + Dessert Platter ($18.75) + Drinks ($15) = $77.75 per event
  • Subtotal = $77.75


Grand total: $443.75


For our three (3) remaining late-night events at Donovan’s Pub, we will request late night programming from CLSI. To clarify, Donovan’s pub often hosts competing weekend events that interfere with our conversations. We request BAC funding because the COOP is a much better environment for debate and understanding.




Micah Dirkers                                                 

Class of 2019, Midnight Philosophy President, and


Kathryn Chungbin                                                      

Class of 2018, Midnight Philosophy Vice-President 


13 Oak Drive
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